“Laurie Gerlach is a master negotiator. That’s why
she is the GO-TO REALTOR of Marina Bay!”
—Kent Farney

“In 2006 and 2007 Laurie Gerlach worked selling our 488 unit development project, MARINA SHORES, in the Marina Bay area of Richmond, California. She also worked with us as an independent broker in 2008. She was an excellent salesperson! Not only did she sell the highest priced unit in the project for $570,000, she also sold over 35 units within a 10 month period. While there were 4 agents in the sales office, Laurie was responsible for 57% of the gross sales volume for a total of $13.5 million. In 2006 and 2007, we faced an increasingly difficult market, so Laurie’s achievement is really quite astonishing. If there is a buyer out there, Laurie will deliver! I recommend her as an enthusiastic, driven sales agent!”
—S. Osborn Erickson, Developer

“Laurie kept the bank at bay for almost a year. She has managed my property, and has taken all the burden of communicating my situation with all lien holders.”—P. Guitto

“I can barely believe the time and energy Laurie dedicated in order for me to avoid foreclosure.”—L. Saunders-Edward

“Laurie is persistent, professional and personal. I could not have navigated the highs and lows with anyone else. She has my highest regard and recommendation!”—K.Ingalls

In November 2010, I received a postcard from Laurie Gerlach; days later we were moving forward on a short sale of the condominium I had owned for over 5 years which had declined greatly in value. Through every step of the way, her positive demeanor, decades of expertise and calming presence kept me feeling optimistic and assured about this decision. Six months later we are celebrating the close of the condo, a happy new owner, and my freedom from a mortgage I never should have been granted. Thank you, Laurie!! —S. Brennan

“I have bought several units with Laurie’s guidance. She then rents them and takes care of all the tenants needs. She makes it so simple for me!” —V.Chen

“Laurie has an extraordinary insight into the market. She works hard to make the transaction run smoothly, and her caring attitude is comforting in a sometimes difficult world of real estate transactions. I highly recommend Laurie as an experienced, knowledgeable real estate agent.” —K.J. Farney, MD

I unconditionally recommend Laurie Gerlach due to her extensive real estate experience, her innate leadership qualities, her excellent customer relationship skills, and her positive energy. Even in the declining 2006-2007 market, she was the teams top performer. She has earned my trust as well as the trust of her customers. Laurie is an energizing force and would be a powerful asset to any firm. I recommend her for any position she seeks, and I would be happy to discuss via phone the details of my experience with her.—J. Jackson, Developer

“It is my pleasure to write this recommendation on behalf of Laurie Gerlach who has helped me on many real estate transactions; she has demonstrated a knack for navigating complex and difficult deals. She is a great negotiator and knows which buttons to push to get the desired outcome for all.” —J. Pollack

No sentiment could ever express enough how truly grateful Matt and I are to you for ALL of your patience, tenacity and hard work. Truly, you are amazing and we can’t thank you enough!—C. Downs

With 30 years of Real Estate Leadership, Laurie Gerlach is a master negotiator orchestrating sales of multi-unit residential developments, new homes, and conversions for both individual and corporate clients in Northern California.