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San Francisco Bay Area Realtor, Laurie Gerlach, has more than thirty years of solid experience.

Living in and loving the Marina Bay area, Laurie specializes in multi-unit residential projects, investments, private condos sales, property management, and conversions of rentals. She was a lead sales person at The Shores, a condominum conversion development on The SF Bay Trail, where she represented Pacific Marketing Assosciates and sold 65% of all sales single-handedly in the community and almost 60% of the total volume of sales.

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MULTIPLE CONDOS in Marina Bay Area

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Sunset photograph by Marina Bay resident , Tina Silano

With 30 years of Real Estate Leadership, Laurie Gerlach is a master negotiator orchestrating sales of multi-unit residential developments, new homes, and conversions for both individual and corporate clients in Northern California.